Balwan a new generation power knapsack sprayer for faster and more efficient coverage of your spraying. In today's farming business, the most important factor is Time and cost saving. Balwan actually helps you to achieve both objectives

Balwan is high volume sprayer, which has a spray discharge ranging from 2 to 3 Liter per minute. This means, when you walk faster than normal walking speed, you can cover 3 times more area as compared to spraying with Manual Knapsack Sprayer.
Our trial shows that one Balwan can cover three to four times more area per working day as against area covered with manual knapsack sprayer.

Balwan saves on labour cost i.e. one labour is required for spraying with Balwan as against Three labours required for manual Knapsack Sprayer. Energy saving is due to easy start of Balwan sprayer engine

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