MODEL 1200


  • WORLDS LARGEST THERMAL FOGGING MACHINE Tremendous Capacity is capable of covering 12acres inone minut (49.000 sq. meters/minut).
  • Adjustable fog output dry to wet fog 57-454 liters/ hr. 454 liters/h. Enables you to fog 3times faster than conventional Vehicles mounted foggers.
  • Powered by A high quality H.P overhead Valve. Briggs&Staratton / KHOLER / HONDA Engine. oil Heat- known and proven technology.
  • Use Kerosene.Diesel fule for complete Fogging opration.
  • Completely Remot controlled Strating fogging Stopping.
  • Absolutely No containers under Pressure - no dangerous L.P, Gas no formulation drum pressure.
  • Complayance with WHO Standards
  • CE Certified
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